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The Quaker Difference

Redefining Modern Construction, the Quaker Way

Since our humble beginnings in 1949, Quaker has evolved into a nationally recognized industry-leader in the world of windows and doors. We have accomplished this by sticking to the same foundation and core pillars with which we began; our people, our products, and our customers.

Quaker has endeavored to continually provide a diverse and reliable product line to suit our customers’ needs by continually innovating and striving for excellence in all that we do. We embrace change and through focused determination, have evolved to become a transformational force within the world of windows & doors.

But why is this important?

Because, it truly does come down to details and understanding, and how by working in parallel with our customers to define the opportunity, helps drive forward our collective thoughts in finding the Right Solution.

Our dedication to our people and the environment is an integral part of our DNA. From Green Enrichment Programs to Sustainable Fabrication Processes, the Quaker Difference encompasses all facets of forward-thinking manufacturing practices and we relish the challenges to come as we further our efforts to be recognized as the industry-leader in developing eco-friendly business strategies.

Commercial Engineering to Enhance Residential Applications

Thanks to years of sustained success in the commercial window industry and our desire to continually deliver the right solution for our customers, Quaker offers commercial-grade technology in our residential windows. Why? Because commercial windows and doors are engineered to withstand hundreds of uses and deliver year over year in the most strenuous of circumstances. Our homeowners benefit from that strength and structural integrity, giving them peace of mind that their windows and doors will last long into the future.

Quaker’s windows and doors have advanced thermal performance, unmatched structural integrity, and many products far exceed the R class Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) rating used in standard homes. Some residential Quaker series also have commercial AW class certification due to their high wind load and deflection properties, making them suitable for use in both hurricane prone coastal areas or in the windy plains of the Midwest or Great Lakes region.


OptiCore Technology

A perfect example of the Quaker difference is our patented OptiCore® Technology. Available in select product lines, OptiCore uses architecturally enhanced aluminum and a high density thermal barrier to provide immense thermal, structural and sound transmission benefits. Awarded “Best New Design” by DWM Magazine, Quaker’s patented OptiCore® Technology is the new gold standard in window design.

Continuous growth to meet the challenges ahead

Our commitment to deliberate growth, both at the product and process levels, can be seen with a sustained strategic investment in equipment, facilities and of course, our team members. Now spanning multiple campuses, Quaker Windows & Doors is pioneering expansion to further support our Customers at a national level.

Quaker Windows and Doors campuses at: Freeburg South, Eldon, and  Freeburg North.

This, along with a large network of authorized dealers throughout the continental United States, we’re proud to be the fastest-growing brand in the window industry. Experience the Quaker Difference for yourself, and find the Right Solution for your home today.